how do we lay our fire?

Ever wondered how to make a real wood fire in your fireplace, with beautiful tall flames, which draws nicely, and warms the room up too? Do your fires not look like those in the movies, photographs or in cozy paintings and such?


Here is our method for laying the perfect fire




Wood fires tend to light best on a bed of ash left from an earlier fire. stage 1
On top of the ash put loosely scrunched or tied dry newspaper pages
Next lie the paper on the ash so that there is room for air to move between the sheets and some of the edges of the pages stick out a little at the front
Then you want two or three layers of kindling - thin dry pieces of wood that will catch fire quickly
Make sure you leave gaps between the sticks
Carefully place two or three smallish split logs on top of the kindling - carefully so that their weight doesn't squash the air spaces in your paper and sticks. Then light the edges of the paper with a match and watch the flames take hold
Sit back and ENJOY!